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Sound Technique Systems, LLC announces new generation of piezoelectric bone conduction transducers and miniature piezo-amplifiers. Initial testing of these devices revealed a well defined high frequency treatment signal derived from processed music using proprietary algorithms. The transducer and matched amplifier were redesigned after an initial clinical trial in New York in partnership with Piezo Systems, Inc. Cambridge MA

The company is poised to launch more ambitious clinical testing at a number of domestic and international sites in the very near future.

Time average of tinnitus treatment stimulation recorded directly from new generation of light weight and sensitive transducers.


The new transducer and amplifier are depicted on the left hand panel and size referenced to a quarter coin. Sound power in the critical frequency region for tinnitus treatment is depicted in the right panel. The treating energy is focused in the 10-15 kHz range. Other treatment stimuli are available, all readily fed to the amplifier by an MP3 or CD player.

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Sound Technique Systems, LLC in an emerging company in the Virginia Bio Technology Research Park on the Medical College of Virginia campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond

Martin L. Lenhardt, Au.D., Ph.D. is the STS Vice President and
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Otolaryngology

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